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In today’s world, you are nothing without technology. From your personal to professional requirements, technology rules every sphere in your life. Your business firm definitely has a master plan of goals and with technology consulting services, you can achieve them easily. A technology consulting service provider like Startmetric will give your ess models a solid foundation to prosper and your clients or customers will also stay happy in this process. Take a look below and know-how technology consulting will help you:

  1. Your customers will remain updated and you can always provide the best experience to them with better technical support.
  2. Technology is a vast field and on a regular basis, things keep on changing or updating. So, to remain modern at heart you need to be in constant touch with technology consulting service firms so that you don’t lag behind your competitors.
  3. Your website or system must be flexible and speedy and for that, you definitely need an IT or technology expert.
  4. As per the latest reports, IT-related problems among the top 100 fortune companies of small businesses cost around 100 billion dollars. Now, if you hire a technical consultant or a technology consulting service firm, your time and money both would be saved to a great extent.
  5. You can pay on an hourly basis or on a project basis – there is flexibility in payment options too.
  6. Any good IT consulting company in India like ours is not made up of one person only. It consists of a bunch of highly experienced technical gurus who have expertise in various IT domains. So, their knowledge and expertise will ensure that your particular project uses the latest trends and shine brightly.

Great technology helps in enhancing business productivity by permitting unique collaboration, communication, and knowledge sharing. This in turn will help the employees to be more productive.

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Technology Consulting Services

Here at Startmetric, we value the needs of our clients more than anything else. That’s why you will find a large variety of technology consulting services. Our technical leaders are always ready to make your business look smarter. So, look below and know about the technical support we offer.


This technology gained popularity with the rise of Bitcoin in 2008. Now every industry from medicine to finance, travel to media, all want to employ blockchain. Why? Because, it will lead to newer opportunities, enhanced transparency, better security, and simplified traceability.

Augmented Reality:

With AR, our experienced technical consultants will mix virtual reality with real-life using layers of computer generation to offer your users a better interaction with reality. Generally, apps are created for these things but sometimes it is also used in sporting events or driving, etc. It is a live direct it indirect view of a real-world whose elements are augmented by computer graphics, video, audio, or GPS data. Currently, in medical, education, and navigation field this technology is used. If your company is one of them, then, you must employ us and derive great results.

Virtual Reality:

With VR, our technical consultants will use an artificial environment with suitable software to present the users with a believable real-like environment. This VR artificially creates sensory experiences for users like touch, smell, sight, or hearing. So, if you have such big projects and want to give your customers a unique experience of a lifetime, then, don’t forget to contact us.

MIS using Excel:

Management Information System is all about letting the managers know how the business is performing. It is very effective if you want a transparent business set up. It will help you achieve better decision making, help you achieve a higher level of efficiency, will improve intra-departmental communication in the office, will explore more data about the customers, and will also improve employee productivity.

Business Intelligence:

In today’s digital marketing world, you cannot be dumb at all. Using business intelligence will give you a better approach towards your goals and make you smarter. BI will improve employee satisfaction, improve data quality, provide better customer satisfaction, provide more accurate reports, analytics, and planning, and help in various business planning and execution too.

Data Management:

Data is everything when you are running a business empire. The data of your customers, purchasing behavior, social media behavior, cost curve, etc. all help you in deriving various results and also to conduct many experiments. Therefore, you need the tools for data management. With that there will be less data movement, time and cost will be reduced, productivity will improve, data accuracy will improve, there will be no data duplication, and there will be a better decision-making process.

Big Data:

The most important aspect of using Big Data is that you can hire the right employees. Also, using Big Data will help you increase your sales and loyalty, permit you to concentrate on local preferences, lower down your cost considerably, improve pricing, and enhance efficiency. So, this is the right step towards achieving your big business goals.

Power BI:

Power Business Intelligence will put you ahead in the race. The power BI easily integrates with your existing system and allows you to adopt the new analytics and reporting techniques. It helps in publishing the reports in a secure manner. You can customize the dashboard as per the necessity of your enterprise. And with Power BI, you will face no memory or speed challenges at all.

Financial Modelling:

This is one of the most valuable tools to achieve a perfect business solution. Nowadays, every business body uses financial modeling for its amazing benefits. They use mathematical terms to represent the economic performance of any business empire. And that’s why there is accuracy and you can be aware of the risky moments too. As there is risk management, cost-effectiveness also comes in handy.

R Programming:

R Programming is one of the most popular and prominent languages for statistical modeling and analysis. This technology provides exemplary support for data wrangling. The best thing is that it is an open-source language and that means anyone can use it without license or fee. For further use, you can also customize the packages. And in R Programming, the packages are increasing day by day which will suit you.

All these highly innovative services are available at our technology consulting firm and therefore contact us soon to achieve great business results.

Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
+91 95508 66261
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us
GET IN TOUCHStartmetric Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

© 2020 Copyright by StartMetric. All rights reserved.

© 2020 Copyright by StartMetric. All rights reserved.